First Nations Ecosystem Management Network
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Welcome To The First nations ecosystem management network (FN-ECONET)


"Building sustainable livelihoods in indigenous communities"

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About the fn-econet

The First Nations Ecosystem Management Network (FN-ECONET) is a knowledge-sharing platform, designed to support broader awareness of environmental stewardship programs and best practices for their implementation.



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Gathering Voices Society

The organization behind the FN-ECONET. GVS has tailored its focus to advancing solutions to two problems facing Indigenous Canadians: lack of diverse livelihoods in communities, and preventable ecological degradation in their land bases and traditional territories. GVS is working to address these issues by facilitating the development of ecosystems management and stewardship programs, and the FN-ECONET serves as the principle tool for GVS to distribute best practice knowledge to First Nations across Canada.